Therapy is a collaboration between client and therapist. We work together to

determine your goals and how to best meet them. I listen carefully to what

you are saying, ask questions to understand you better, and tailor your treatment to

your situation. Throughout the therapy process, I seek to maintain a strong working

alliance, focused on your goals, that will help to keep your therapy moving forward.

While therapy can be hard work, my style is warm, encouraging, and accepting. I 

believe, and research supports this, that a good relationship between us is crucial to 

your success. ​ ​

A therapist needs to have a lot of resources at hand every time she meets a new client. One 

of the most valuable resources I have is my experience, over thirty years of learning about 

how change is fostered. Therapy involves more than just a special kind of listening, there are

always new techniques for approaching the work.  For that reason, I’ve trained extensively in

more than one therapeutic modality. In addition to post-doctoral training in both cognitive

therapy and psychoanalysis, I have studied couples therapy, behavior therapy and

mindfulness and relaxation training, and somatically-based therapy. While I now teach other

therapists, I will  remain a lifelong student  of new developments in my field.

My areas of specialization include anxiety, depression, relationship and couples’ issues

and all issues relating to achieving greater meaning and satisfaction in living. When

necessary, referral to other qualified specialists can be made..